We organize several activities every week at La Pirouette. It’s a great opportunity to take some time with other parents or as a family.

Calendar of activities:



Our conferences are an opportunity to discuss family-related topics. Some are casual discussions between parents while others are more structured information sessions facilitated by a professional. A wide range of topics is covered, including child development, family life, couples relationships, to name just a few.

Parent-child workshops

parent-child workshops

Parent-child activities are a chance to have fun as a family. Different aspects of child development are discussed and parents are provided with ideas for activities that they can recreate at home. Topics are chosen to stimulate the interest and imagination of children and their parents. For example: story time, motor skills games, crafts, music appreciation, etc.

Workshops for adults

workshops for adults

Our workshops for adults are a great way to meet other parents. Participants can develop new skills, improve their self-confidence or simply take some time to recharge their batteries. Our physical activities promote a healthy lifestyle, while our creative workshops stimulate the imagination. All these activities are focused on enhancing the well-being of parents.

Open mornings

Activité familiale libre

“Come and play in my yard” and “Snow and flakes”

Families can come and go as they please, without registration, during our open mornings. The mornings focus on the child’s motor development and outdoor play. In case of bad weather, they are held indoors. During the activity, La Pirouette team animates the children, which allows parents to have a moment of exchange and respite.

If you are not yet a member, this is a great opportunity to discover La Pirouette, visit the space and meet our Community Outreach Coordinator. It’s also a way for children to get accustomed to La Pirouette in the presence of their parents. For a first visit, contact us to announce your attendance!

Family outings

Our family outings are unique. Children and parents get to break from the usual routine and do something different, in a context that is adapted to young children. Depending on the season, we can pick apples in an orchard, spend a day at a sugar shack, visit the Botanical Garden, see a play, etc.